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Visa to Luxembourg


List of countries whose citizen exempted/required a visa, including Turkey





Visa applicants can apply for a visa at the Luxembourg Embassy in Ankara and also at VFS Global offices in İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir and Gaziantep.


Applicants who will apply for a visa at the Embassy will have to call the Embassy for a visa application appointment. Fingerprints will be taken at the Embassy.

How to contact the Embassy:

Adresse: Reşit Galip caddesi no: 70/2 GOP 06700 Ankara TURKEY

Tel: (+90) 312.459 14 14
Consular section hours:
Monday to Friday : 9.30 to 12.30


The Embassy is closed on public holidays in Turkey.


Applicants who will apply for a visa at VFS Global offices in İstanbul, in Ankara, İzmir  and Gaziantep will have to call VFS Global call center for visa application procedure. Fingerprints will be taken at VFS Global offices.

How to contact VFS Global offices in Ankara:

Adresse: İşçi blokları mah. Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu Cd. No 57/A - Regnum Sky Tower Çankaya/Ankara 06530 TURKEY

Tel: (+90) 212.373 58 09

Office  hours: Monday to Friday : 8.30 to 16.30

How to contact VFS Global offices in Istanbul:

Adresse: Hacıahmet Mahallesi, Kurtuluş Deresi Caddesi No 29 Dolapdere/Beyoğlu /İstanbul TURKEY (as of 14 may 2019)

Tel: (+90) 212.373 58 09

Office  hours: Monday to Friday : 8.30 to 16.30

How to contact VFS Global offices in İzmir:

Adresse: Akdeniz Mah. Akdeniz Cad. No:1/C Reyent İş Hanı Pasaport Konak Izmir TURKEY

Tel: (+90) 212.373 58 09

Office  hours: Monday to Friday : 8.30 to 14.30

How to contact VFS Global offices in Gaziantep:

Adresse: İncili Pınar mah. 7 Nolu Sok.Kaplama İş merkezi Altı Şehitkamil Gaziantep TURKEY

Tel: (+90) 212.373 58 09

Office  hours: Monday to Friday : 8.30 to 14.30


Important Notice - Processing of a visa application :

Visa applications must be lodged AT LEAST 15 CALENDER DAYS BEFORE THE INTENDED VISIT and cannot be lodged earlier than six months before the start of the intended visit. In individual cases, the processing time of a visa application may be extended up to 45 days, if a more detailed examination of your application and/or additional documents are required.


Frequently asked questions:


For any further information:

Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Grand Duchy Luxembourg:

European Commission:




The following documents have to be submitted by all applicants, regardless of the purpose of the travel, when applying for a visa valid for the Schengen countries, with Luxembourg as the main destination:

- Application form duly filled in Turkish/English or French, dated and signed by the applicant.


- A passport valid at least three months after the intended date of departure from the territory of the Member States or, in case of several visits, after the last intended date of departure from the territory of the Member States. It shall contain at least 2 blank pages and must have been issued within the previous 10 years.

- One recent passport size photographs in colour on white background (1)

- Proof of medical insurance (established by the Visa Code) (2)


Documents to be produced depending on the purpose of your travel (Tourism/Visit to family and Friends/Business Visits/Truck Driving to and/or through Schengen area/Attending cultural or sports events or conferences/Study or participation in EU education, training or research programs:



 (1)   Information on the photographic specifications for the photograph to be submitted by visa applicants :

(2) The medical insurance must cover the entire period of intended stay, be valid for all Schengen States and cover any expenses that might arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgency Medical attention, emergency hospital treatment or death during the stay. The minimum coverage must be 30.000 EUR.




All types of visa (transit and short-stay):80 Euros to be paid cash in euro at the Embassy, to be paid cash in euro at VFS Global offices.


Children age 6-12

2: 40 Euros to be paid in cash at the Embassy, to be paid cash at VFS Global offices.



Visas can be issued free of charge for:

  • children under six years
  • school pupils, undergraduates, postgraduates and accompanying teaching staff who undertake trips for the purpose of study or educational training
  • representatives of non-profit organizations aged 25 years or less participating in seminars, conferences or other sports, cultural or educational events organized by non-profit organizations
  • researchers from third countries traveling within the European Community for the purpose of carrying out scientific research
  • family members of EU/EEA/CH citizens

 The visa fee is not refundable if a negative decision is taken on the application or if the application is withdrawn.



So far, the EU has concluded visa facilitation agreements with the following non-EU countries. Based on these agreements, both the EU and non-EU citizens benefit from facilitated procedures for issuing visas.



The refusal decision may be submitted to the administrative tribunal in accordance with the law: Loi du 21 juin 1999 portant reglement de procédure devant les juridictions administratives (Mémorial A n:98 du 26 juillet 1999) . A lawyer has to introduce the appeal within three months after the notifications of the current decision.