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Luxembourg’s National Day celebrated in Ankara

Published Wednesday June 26 2019

On June 21, H.E. Georges Faber, the Ambassador of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Turkey and Mrs. Barbara Faber-Mohr hosted a reception to celebrate the Luxembourg National Day at their residence in Ankara.

Around 250 guests, including ambassadors, diplomats, journalists and business executives took part in the celebrations.

The Head of Administrative Affairs of the Turkish Presidency, Mr. Metin Kıratlı, represented the Turkish Presidency. The national anthems of both countries were performed by students from the private school of the German Embassy in Ankara.

“Celebrating Luxembourg’s national day in Turkey is also an opportunity to celebrate our bilateral relationship.

It is deeply rooted and diverse.” Ambassador Faber highlighted during his welcoming remarks.

His entire speech can be downloaded from the link below:


About Luxembourg’s national day

National Day in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is celebrated every 23 of June and is also known as the “Official Birthday of the Grand Duke”. However, the date does not actually correspond to the birthday of any present or past Grand Duke or Duchess of Luxembourg. In fact, the tradition started on January 23, which is the birthday of the Grand Duchess Charlotte who ruled the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg from 1919 to 1964. In 1947, it was decided to celebrate her birthday on June 23. This way, from a climatic standpoint, people could enjoy the festivities in a more favorable season.

It was all about the weather! Luxembourgers are pragmatic people. After Grand Duchess Charlotte, the day was maintained and started to be referred as the National Day. However, for many Luxembourgers, it is still considered as the celebration of the birthday of a monarch. It is an occasion to remember Luxembourg’s unique history, its openness and diversity as well as its independence.