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With its first-class infrastructures and telecommunication networks, as well as a culture of trust and security set in an appropriate legal framework, Luxembourg thrives as a global hub for the media and ICT sectors – i.e. digital content distribution (music, video, games); electronic data archiving and management; online selling platforms; communications services; cloud services; electronic payment systems and support services. Luxembourg is home to some of the leaders in the sector. The RTL Group started in the 1930s with a mini radio transmitter but has developed into Europe’s largest privately owned radio and TV operator. A most advanced ICT environment in Luxembourg offers excellent international and national connectivity with redundant high-speed connections, satellite connectivity (SES) and internet exchange point (LU-CIX), state of the art infrastructures (secure IT environment – LUXTRUST) and high level data centres. This necessary infrastructure allows e-commerce to expand rapidly.


FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE VISIT: (Public Research Centre Henri Tudor)  (Public Research Centre Gabriel Lippmann)  (Technoport – High-tech business incubator)